AA Quality Assured

Watson Motors is proud to be AA Quality Assured

The AA has, for over the past 80 years, provided key road services and championed the consumer cause across a number of fronts in South Africa. Whether it is in the automotive environment or lobbying Government, the AA has always strived to uphold and further not only its Member’s interests but also those of the motoring consumer in South Africa. They have built a solid reputation over this period and are today seen as a leading automotive authority by consumers in South Africa.

The AA has a significant direct and indirect AA Membership base with whom we regularly communicate about many issues. South Africa has over 9 million registered vehicles, which translate to a significant customer base for prospective automotive service providers, some of who are committed to customer service value and many others who are only out to make a quick buck.

The AA only chooses the best for both our Members and the consumers and have therefore established the AA Quality Assured Programme to differentiate and market those service providers who will uphold our brand and trusted service reputation.